FREE Video Analysis Software for Gymnastics. Goodbye Dartfish?

Kinovea Video Analysis Software screenshot

Kinovea Video Analysis Software screenshot
Gymnastics has always been a sport that obviously would benefit from video analysis. The industry standard, Dartfish, has obviously always been prohibitively expensive for most gyms, since it is not widespread in the industry. Now there is an open source video analysis software program perfect for gymnastics video analysis, that is available for free. The software is called Kinovea. It is available for Windows XP and Windows 7, which are the most common computer operating systems in gymnastics gyms.

Useful for Gymnasts, Coaches (and Parents?)

Both gymnastics coaches and gymnasts can use the video analysis software to watch, study, compare and analyze gymnastics performances. It could be used by gymnastics parents as well (who will hopefully not harass their gymnasts too much with it – lol). The free open source software program already has most of the features of more expensive video analysis software and is adding new features constantly.

Kinovea Video Analysis Software Features

  • 1% to 200% Slow Motion
  • Frame by Frame Playback
  • Magnification Zoom
  • Choice of Background Grids
  • Can Track Trajectory of Objects (gymnasts)
  • Speed Estimation
  • Can Measure Distances
  • Timing
  • Side by Side Comparison and Synchronization
  • Animated Thumbnails
  • Can Draw on Video
  • Can Add Comments
  • Can Save Slow Motion and Side by Side Comparisons
  • Can Capture Video from DV, HDV, Webcam, Network camera or Capture Card
  • Records both images and video

Kinovea Technical Specs

Here are some of the relevant technical specifications of the Kinovea software:

  • Can Handle a Variety of Input Video Formats – including AVI, MPG, MOV, WMV (Windows), MP4, FLV (YouTube)
  • Can Handle High Speed Cameras
  • Can Delay Display of the live Stream Video for record and watch
  • Can Create and Save SVG (Scalable Vector graphics) Drawings

Uses of Kinovea Video Analysis for Gymnastics

Here are just a few of the possible uses of video analysis software by gymnasts and coaches:

  • Compare previous performance of gymnast to present performance (including over time)
  • Calculate, compare and track amplitude of tumbling, vaults, dismounts and other skills
  • Watch and analyse in slow motion
  • Zoom in on specific body parts, like arms, head and legs
  • Track COG (center of gravity) during tumbling, vault and dismounts
  • Evaluate technical improvement over time
  • Use to create goals and training plans

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