Extreme Home Makeover Gymnast Style

I am not ashamed to say I am a big fan of the the TV show, Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  Any show that provides an uplifting experience is something that I am willing to watch and EMHE certain fills the bill.

This week, there is direct gymnastics connection to Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

The Keefer family story is sad, now happier and hopefully has a happy ending. Three years ago, Brian Keefer, was a sophomore student and athlete at Lock Haven University in Clinton County, Pa. While attempting to complete a triple back in a pit, Brian suffered a paralyzing back injury, that left him paralyzed from the chest down. The injury occurred on July 1, 2008, only 12 days before his 21st birthday.

On Father’s Day, June 19, 2011, the Keefer family of Newberry Township, Pa. learned they will be getting a new home. Brian Keefer had only limited access to his own home, due to wheelchair access problems, which was one of the reasons why they were picked to be on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. On that Sunday, Brian and his family turned their home over to the Extreme Makeover Home Edition design crew. As always on the show, they return from their vacation one Sunday later to a completely transformed home. The family is currently on vacation courtesy of the show in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Currently, the Extreme Makeover Home Edition show is building them a new home (actually half their old home and half new). They are keeping half the old house because Brian thinks he will one day walk in the old house, so they are keeping the house so that can come true, while adding on more to the house.

The show is scheduled to be the Extreme Makeover Home Edition premiere show, kicking off their next season, which will be the ninth season the show has been on ABC. The episode is scheduled to premiere on September 25th, 2011.

This is a York Daily News article with a lot of details about accident and afterwards.

This web site has two videos about Brian, his family and the situation and some interesting information about some donations, that are both given and received.

Another great article about him and the project.

This is certainly a sad accident. It is a reminder to all in the gymnastics community, that as great as gymnastics pits are, and as many injuries that they have saved gymnasts from, that extreme care needs to be taken so gymnasts only try skills that are within the skill level and are still done in the proper progression.

But it will be great to see the positive effects that the Extreme Makeover Home Edition can bring to the situation. Best wishes to Brian and his family in the future.


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