Expand the Scope of Your Preschool Gymnastics Program

It is important for you to expand the scope of your preschool program beyond a gymnastics only curriculum. If your primary goal in the program is to teach four year olds back handsprings or even cartwheels, you are missing the point.

Readiness Regulates the Learning Process in Preschoolers

Preschoolers are ready for a certain low level of gymnastics skills. Even if there are a few exceptional preschoolers who might actually learn back handsprings or you are phenomenally successful in teaching cartwheels to five year olds, this is still not a good basis for your preschool program.

Exceptions Prove the Rule

This is not to say there are not child prodigies in the sport of gymnastics. There are, just like there are in other sports and activities. Our problem with such prodigies is that we have an almost perfect record of burning out such prodigies long before they reach the age of international competition. Again, another mark against a preschool program based solely on gymnastics.

Expand the Program to Other Physical, Mental and Social Activities

This is not to say there are not lots of physical activities that are positive and for which a gymnastics facility is an excellent training ground. It is just that a preschool program should expand its activity base to provide more of the learning opportunities and activities that preschool parents are looking for and which are beneficial for the preschoolers themselves.

Build a One-Stop Preschool Program Menu

In addition, parents are in a time crunch and we can provide preschool parents with a one-stop preschool activity center which they can trust to provide their preschooler with a wide variety of growth and learning activities.

Sample Program Ideas

What are some of those beneficial activities that are outside the arena of a gymnastics only program? Here are some:

  • Socialization
  • Teach them to learn
  • Brachiation
  • Vestibular development
  • Running
  • Aerobics
  • Movement Education
  • Story telling
  • Learning through puppetry
  • Drama
  • Introduction to foreign languages
  • Drawing
  • Acting
  • Painting
  • Singing
  • Reading
  • Introduction to musical instruments
  • Dance
  • Gross motor activities
  • Flashcards
  • Rhythmic musical learning of math and science
  • Gardening
  • Safety education

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