Everything You Need to Watch ALL the 2012 Olympic Gymnastics FREE

2012 US Olympic Gymnastics Team

2012 US Olympic Gymnastics Team

How to Watch ALL the 2012 Olympic Gymnastics FREE in the USA

In the United States, gymnastics fans will be able to watch ALL of the Olympic gymnastics competitions. And not only will they be able to watch the normal single “integrated” feed showing various competitors (similar to watching the meet on TV), but there will be separate feeds for every event apparatus (4 for women’s, 6 for men’s) as well. In addition to the host feeds, all 4 NBC Universal cable channels providing Olympic coverage (NBC Sports Network, MSNBC, CNBC and Bravo), will be streamed on NBCOlympics.com and in a “Live Extra” app.


You Must be Subscribed to a Cable or Satellite TV Tier that includes CNBC and MSNBC

WARNING NOTE: You Must Know Your Cable/Satellite Username and Password to Register

To access the live streams and full-event replays, users must verify their subscription to a cable, satellite or telco video tier that includes CNBC and MSNBC.

NOTE: Plan Ahead

If you don’t know or remember your CNBC and MSNBC username and password, you will not be able to gain access, so contact your Cable or Satellite TV provider now to get it or reset it. If you don’t have CNBC and MSNBC from your CNBC and MSNBC currently, sign up for it for July and August (and cancel it afterwards if you want).

You Must Have Flash

You must have Flash enabled to watch online and be using one of the following browsers:
Chrome (Version 16 and above)
Firefox (Version3.6 and above)
Safari (Version5 and above)
Internet Explorer (Version8 and above)

Go Crazy

If your TV and/or computer monitor are’t big enough, buy one or two new TV/monitors. For example, you could replace your current 22″ computer monitor with a 40 inch monitor and replace your 36″ TV with a new 60″ flat screen. Still costs way less than would have paid to go to London to watch the Games (if could have gotten tickets in the ticket lottery).

Watch the 2012 Olympics on Your iPhone, Smartphone, iPad and Tablets

I am not sure who wants to watch the Olympics on their phone or pad instead of on a big screen, except in an emergency. Certainly not I, but if you must: The NBC Olympics Live Extra app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for Android. There are no apps for Windows or BlackBerry phones and devices or for Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet. During live events, Live Extra app users can switch to different cameras to watch from different angles. Live Extra app users can also switch between different events happening at the same time and even record events to watch later. The Live Extra app also lets users easily share video clips via Facebook and Twitter and set phone or pad reminders for events.

The NBC Olympics Companion App

A companion app, called the “NBC Olympics,” has supplementary content like athlete biographies and interviews. Both apps are interconnected and users can launch either one from the other. Until the Games begin on July 27, users will be able to use the NBC Olympics Live Extra app to view schedules, customize profiles and choose specific sports as favorites.

Watch FREE

Once you verify your subscription by inputting your cable/satellite username and password, there are no extra additional charges.

This is an Olympics and Gymnastics First

After decades of complaining about routines and events we did not get to see, this time it may be that the complaints will be there was too much to see all at once. All 32 sports with all 302 Events and individual event feeds streamed live online and even with a special “Live Extra” app for smartphones and tablets. The app is available on Apple devices and “select” list of Android phones and tablets

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