Double Somersaults Anytime, Any Where

There can be a positive or a negative generational effect in gymnastics gyms. In gyms where there are high level gymnasts already doing big skills, younger and lower level gymnasts come into the gym, look around and go, “Oh, I see what I am supposed to do.” They see high level skills are possible and they are already planning how they can learn those same skills and more. This is a positive generational effect. Young gymnasts come in, see what is being done, expect to learn that and work to improve on and beat what they see.

Double Somersaults Anytime, Any Where

Just so no one is confused about the limits of double somersaults, this video is likely to expand the limits of what is thought and known to be possible in the gymnastics world, in the minds of many gymnasts and coaches.

Negative Generational Effect

In gyms, where there are not already high level optional gymnasts, gymnasts have no role models. They have no visual reference. Coaches and gymnasts come to see double backs as some big deal. “OK, everybody be quiet and don’t move because I am going to spot Joaney Gymnast on a double back.” In the minds of gymnasts, doubles become this big thing and they see it as a big thing and that makes it harder for them to learn and master. When in fact, the attitude we want to foster is “another day, another double.”

Limiting Beliefs Limit Progress

Too many coaches and gymnasts are bound by their own limiting beliefs about how difficult double somersaults are to do and to learn. Often it is the limitations gymnasts and coaches put on themselves that limits gymnastics progress.


Please understand that we are not advocating learning or doing double somersaults (or any other skill) in anything but the proper proper gymnastics training progression and using gymnastics foam safety pits, soft mats and professional coaching to learn any, and every, gymnastics skill.


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