Double Front in Level 9?

Subject: double front in level 9

Sex: female
Age: 12
Gymnastics Level: 9

I was wondering if you can do a double front on floor in level 9?

Sure, you can do a double front on floor in Level 9.

Level 9’s are allowed to do one (but only one) “D” or “E” level skill.

A double front is an “E” level difficulty skill.

But, of course, it only counts as a “C” when counting up your required skill difficulties and or when you are using it in a combination to get bonus.

If you do double front, you cannot do any other “D” or “E” level skills in the routine, like tour jete 1/1, double backs, triple turn, etc.

So while Level 9 gymnasts are allowed to do double fronts, you rarely see them at Level 9, because gymnasts are usually doing some other simpler “D” or “E” level skill that they and their coach think they won’t get as much deduction for.  So while the rules technically allow it, the rules also tend to discourage it from actually happening, since any execution deductions will be just as severe on a double front as on a front layout or front full.

It definitely ought to get you some attention and respect from the other coaches and gymnasts at the meet, but you better make sure your execution of the double front is flawless or you may get some negative attention (and deductions) from the judges.

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