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Don’t You Dare Give Up

Don’t You Dare Give Up is the story of Diane Ellingson, a gymnast from over 30 years ago. After a stellar career as a National JO gymnast and collegiate gymnastics star, she suffered a severe neck injury and was paralyzed. Her story is an unvarnished look at her emotions through her entire gymnastics career and after. The two videos and the book are about her and her scary, but inspiring story. The book is a treasure trove of insight into how traditional old style coaching was done and its effect on one ultimately fairly successful gymnast.

Parents – Think Before You Let Your Gymnast Read or Watch

As a master hypnotist and experienced gymnastics coach, I am careful to manage all of the potential words and negative thoughts that I might put in gymnasts’ heads. Ideally, gymnasts would not have in their mind any thoughts of being injured, especially not severely injured. But the inspirational nature of the book and the knowledge about coaching techniques is invaluable, and makes the book worth recommending to coaches. Parents will have to decide for themselves if they want to expose their gymnasts to thoughts of serious injury.

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