Delivering a High Quality Gymnastics Program

Quality is defined, in our business, primarily, by the two customers – the gymnast and their parents. We must provide the program and the quality they expect. We have a further obligation to be providing professionalism, which includes providing the best in facilities, coaching, technology and equipment, even if our customers are unaware of their existence. Finally, we should always provide a little extra service, provide more than we have contracted for and more than the customer expects (a minor example is providing treats for the preschoolers).

Build Customer Relationships

We must develop strong relationships with our customers. Simply providing a program will not be enough, especially in a competitive environment, where there are other competing businesses, gyms or sports.

Actively Communicate With your Customers

We must communicate with our customers – before and after class, through phone calls, cards, notes, messages and letters.

Continuously Improve your Gym and Program

We must adopt the attitudes necessary for continuous improvement. There are so many things we may do in our program and it is our job to organize ourselves a little better and more efficiently to be able to achieve more each month.

Deliver a World Class Program

Our business is so much more than just teaching back handsprings or double backs. We want to deliver a world class program both in gymnastics accomplishment and in the business side of gymnastics. Our vision of that world class gym and program is high tech, computerized, professional, friendly, a clean, artistic, bright designer, FUN environment reaching all the athletes in the area who could benefit from our program.

Instructors and Coaches Should Continue Training and Learning

Instructors in the program should be attempting to achieve continuous improvement in their personal lives by increasing their knowledge, certifications, education and experience levels. Coaches must commit themselves to the organization’s quality goals and set their own personal coaching goals.

Learn From the Quality Awards Criteria

The Baldridge Quality awards include the following criteria – Technology, Structure, Decision making and information, People, Reward and recognition, renewal and continuous learning. Quality engenders strong relationships with customers, efficient and flexible business practices, having a company employees are proud to be apart of, providing more than the customer expects, and above all a passion and enthusiasm for being in the business.

Go Beyond

Coaches and staff members must be passionate and enthusiastic in carrying out their duties and go above and beyond the call of duty to provide a top quality program.

Integrity Works

Owners and coaches must exhibit ethical integrity, be honest and trustworthy, be active listeners, be fair and consistent and be available and approachable to meet their responsibilities of authority. Employees must exhibit the same integrity and listening abilities, be self-starters and keep management informed.

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