Definition: Zero

Zero on Scoreboard
Zero: which is the score you get if you do not compete in a gymnastics event or do something which voids your score, like not touching the vault table with your hands when you vault, being significantly spotted (not just accidentally touched) on a vault or, for women, touching the board or vault table during a vault attempt.

Male gymnasts receive a score of 0.00 if they do not vault once they start running.

Both female and male gymnasts should receive a score of 0.00 if they fail to land on their feet first, on the landing of the vault. This can be somewhat of a judgement call.

Yamilet Peña Abreu Attempting the Produnova Vault.

Does she or doesn’t she land on her feet? Sometimes it is easy to tell about the landing and sometimes not.

Male gymnasts receive a score of 0.00 if they do not vault once they start running.

If a female gymnast stops her run before touching the springboard or the vault table, no deductions are taken. She is given thirty seconds to return to the end of the runway and make a second attempt at the vault. In essence, women get three attempts to make two vaults (or two attempts to make one vault in International). If she touches the springboard or the vault table, that counts as a vault and she gets a score of 0.00.

Gymnasts sometimes also just “touch” on an event, which means that they present to the judges, touch the apparatus, and take a zero score. This is done so they stay entered in the meet to compete on a later event. This is most commonly done with gymnasts recovering from injuries or gymnasts who are not yet ready to compete on every event.

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