Definition: Triple Twisting Handspring Front Vault (with demonstration video)

Triple Twisting Front Layout – The vault is a front handspring somersault vault with three twists done in a layout position. That adds up to a double layout somersaulting vault with three twists. The FIG rating of the vault for men is currently 7.4. This is currently the highest rated vault in the sport of gymnastics.

Korean gymnast, Hak Seon Yang, was the first to perform this vault in international competition at the 2011 World Gymnastics Championships in Tokyo, Japan. In those World Championship Vault Event Finals, Hak Seon Yang scored a 16.866 on the vault, combining the 7.4 start value with a 9.466 execution score.

Korean Gymnast Hak Seon Yang Performing Triple Twisting Handspring Front

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