Definition: Tap Swing

Tap Swing: Tap swing refers to hollow-arch-hollow swing gymnasts do in giant swings. The purpose of the tap swing in women’s gymnastics developed from the need to avoid the low bar during giant swings. It has evolved as a way to use bar flexion and quickly changing body position to accelerate the speed and power of the swing of giants, especially into release moves and dismounts. In men’s high bar, the tap swing for release moves and dismounts has evolved into a highly exaggerated movement.

The proper method for a tap swing requires the correct body position and timing. The timing of the “tap” different depending on whether it is for a regular giant swing, a release move or a dismount. The tap, and its “bar flex and snap” action should take place 180 degrees opposite where the maximum effect of the tap is desired to work.

During a tap swing, the body first swings in a hollow position. At the bottom of the swing, the feet stop and the hips and upper body continues to swing, creating an arch. The body (and the bar) then snaps back to a hollow position accelerating the swing upward. The timing and quick hollow-arch-hollow action is the key to a successful tap.

Tap Swing Progressions

Chinese (Exaggerated) Tap Swing Progressions
and Explanation by Hideo Mizoguchi

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