Definition: Shushunova

Shushunova: Elena Shushunova is a former Soviet, Russian gymnast who was a European, World and Olympic Champion. Shushunova was the first to perform several unique and difficult skills, named after her including her signature Shushunova (a straddle jump to land in a front lying support) on floor exercise, a release on the unevens (back giant into full turn straddle back release move), a mount on beam (jump to straddle planche down to straddle spoit on beam) and she was the first to do a Yurchenko vault with 1.5 twists in competition.

Shushunova on Bars

Shushunova on Beam

Shushunova on Floor

1&1/2 Twisting Yurchenko Vault by Elena Shushunova

Elena Shushonova´s 1&1/2 Twisting Yurchenko Vault in Event Finals at the 1985 World Championships.

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