Definition: Onodi

Onodi: An Onodi is a balance beam skill performed by women on beam and floor and is named after Hungarian Olympic gymnast Henrietta Onodi. To do an Onodi, the gymnast starts like a back handspring and does a half twist into a front handspring. Russian gymnast Olga Mostepanova performed this exact same skill in the early 1980s but, evidently, never submitted the skill to the FIG. Gymnasts or their coaches must submit any new skill to the FIG, who then may (or my not?) name the skill after them. Onodi did not perform the skill it until 1989.

This skill also used to be known as an Arabian front handspring, when it was done on floor.

Favourite Gymnastics Skills – Onodi

Nastia Liukin, Henrietta Onodi, Hollie Dykes

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