Definition: Olympic Order

Olympic Order: This refers to the order in which gymnastics events proceed in international competition. Unless there are other valid meet planning reasons not to do so (like speeding up a meet or uneven numbers of gymnasts in rotations), it is the order at every other gymnastics competition also.

The Olympic order for women is:

  • Vault (V)
  • Uneven Bars (UB)
  • Balance Beam (B)
  • Floor Exercise (FX)

The Olympic order for men is:

  • Floor Exercise (FX)
  • Pommel Horse (PH)
  • Still Rings (SR or R)
  • Vault (VT)
  • Parallel Bars (PB)
  • High Bar (HB)

The Olympic order for rhythmic gymnastics is

  • Rope
  • Hoop
  • Ball
  • Clubs
  • Ribbon


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