Definition: Gymnastics

Gymnastics: Physical exercises designed to develop and display strength, balance, and agility, especially those performed on or with specialized apparatus. Gymnastics is a sport involving the performance of sequences of movements requiring physical strength, flexibility, and kinesthetic awareness, such as handsprings and handstands. It developed from fitness exercises used by ancient Greek soldiers, including skills for mounting and dismounting a horse, and circus performance skills. There are numerous uses of the term gymnastics for other gymnastics/dance-like activities. On our site the term gymnastics is generally refers to artistic gymnastics, the Olympic competitive version of gymnastics consisting of four events for women (Vault, bars, beam, floor) and six events for men (Floor, parallel bars, pommel horse, rings, vault and high bar). Tumbling and trampoline, especially as they are used as training for artistic gymnastics are also extensively covered. There is room on this site for the discussion of rhythmic gymnastics, general gymnastics, sports acrobatics, etc. but the main focus is artistic gymnastics.


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