Definition: Competition II

Competition II: In International and international style meets,  Competition II is the individual all-around competition. The gymnast with the highest score at the end of the All-around competition becomes the all-around champion. This is the most prestigious individual championship in any type of competition. An all-around score is the combination of scores from one gymnast when all of the events combined and added together. In International F.I.G. the Competition IB team competitions serve as qualifying rounds for the individual all-around finals. There are currently only two gymnasts per country allowed to compete in F.I.G. all-around competitions with the exception of some World Cup competitions where the host country may be allowed one more if there are not enough top gymnasts entered.

Individual all-around competitions determine the current number one gymnast in the sport in the World Championships and the Olympics. Competition II all-around champions in those meets can say they are currently the best gymnast in the sport of gymnastics.

All-around competitor require a wider degree of training than individual event specialists. They must become highly competent in all four events for women and all six events for men. Since specialists are now allowed in International gymnastics competitions, teams must use complicated strategies choosing which gymnasts, how many all-arounders and how many specialists to have participate to maximize their medal count.

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