Definition: Competition IB

Competition IB:: Competition IB is what team optional competition (Optional competitions are meets where each gymnasts does their own individually chosen skills, choreography and routines on each event) is called International F.I.G. competitions. In International F.I.G. Competition IB team competitions also serve as qualifying rounds for choosing the top gymnasts to compete in Competition II individual all-around finals and Competition III individual event finals competitions.

Competition IB competitions are, therefore, the first competitions held during World Championships, the Olympics and F.I.G. World Cup competitions since they also qualify the top gymnasts in that qualifying Competition IB to the following finals competitions. Since only two gymnasts can qualify to the individual all-around competitions, most teams will have two all-arounders and then a combination of specialists for the third team spot.

Team competitions hold significance because they compare one country to other countries in the sport. Essentially Competition IB meets result in the rankings of the different countries in the sport of gymnastics.

Currently, F.I.G. International team competitions count the scores of three gymnasts from each event. Every score counts putting a great deal of pressure on the gymnasts competing. In the past, five scores counted (out of the the six gymnast competing per team which put considerably less pressure on the gymnasts involved). Fewer gymnasts theoretically allows smaller countries with fewer high level gymnasts a better chance to win, although actual results so far do not bear this out.

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