Definition: Blind Change

Blind Change: A high bar or uneven bar skill done from a back giant, with an inward pirouette (on post arm, ½ turn inward toward stomach) over the top of the bar to end in a front giant. Blind changes are used to transition from back giants to front giants or you can do a blind change and an additional 1/2 pirouette into another back giant.

Blind Change with Emphasis on Hand Changes (and some other Pirouettes)

Mas Watanabe Blind Change Drills on Floor

I have gymnasts do these to reverse grip even on floor to get the real feeling of the hand movements.

Floor Bar Blind Pirouette Drill
This is the drill I use most so gymnasts can train it on their own without a spot for best time utilization.

Tumble Trac Bar Blind Change Drill
This is another drill gymnasts can do on their own without a spot fairly quickly. Obviously the girl doing this drill should have gone right to a reverse grip, instead of a regular grip and switching.

Hideo Mizoguchi Blind Floor Bar Change Drills
A lot of spotting here, but does show how gymnast must stay balanced throughout the whole pirouette.

Hideo Mizoguchi Blind Change Drills
Again, this is showing a lot of spotting, but this is how its done to perfection.

Blind Change Channel Bar Drill
Gymnasts drilling blind changes on their own and you can see the difference in form from being spotted.

This collection of progressions/drills and bar equipment progressions is now put together in one place for a more comprehensive approach and a complete bar training system like we use.

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