Come Running Customer Service

There are a number of descriptions for the type of service that a great business should provide. We have talked in terms of POS (Positively Outrageous Service) before, but now we want to describe another type of service that is applicable to the gym business.

Impress Immediately with Your Service

We first encountered Come Running Service at a tire chain store. When we pulled up in our car, an employee cane running (well, maybe jogging) out of the garage and met us and asked what they could do for us. As it turned out, I was there because of leaking tire which they proceeded to fix like a pit crew in a stock car race. I was impressed with the service to say the least.

Impress Consistently

Since I had opportunely arrived at a time when they had an open bay and a free service tech, I was interested from a business point of view to see how they would handle a customer during a busy time. I was hooked and the next time I had a need for a tire store, I of course, returned to them.

People Always Come Back for Great Service

I wanted a new set of tires for the front of my car. Again, though the bays were full, out came the tech to greet me. Less than a minute later, I was being served by a salesperson and by the time I had chosen what tires I wanted, my car was on the lift already ready to have them put on by the “pit crew.”

How Does This Apply to Us

As we are always looking for new business concepts applicable to our industry, we spent some time brainstorming on this concept and it made some points very clear to us.

Meet and Greet

Our industry could benefit from having “greeters,” not just the Walmart hello type but employees who go out to greet our customers (by name) and to recognize new potential customers and immediately provide them with what they are looking for: getting their “Free Lesson,” getting sales info, getting a tour of the facility or whatever they are there for.

Need Trained Sales Staff

Too many times in our industry, there is no one available or trained to provide customers with what they need much less there to greet them on the run. Signing students up is done haphazardly by whoever happens to be standing nearest to the front at the time.

Close, Sell Add-Ons and Get the Check

Health clubs employ salespeople, who work on commission to sign up new clients, sell add-on services and get a payment.

Sales is Your Business

While we may not be able to or want to hire commissioned salespeople, we should have (or barter for) employees trained to instantly provide program advice and information, testing, tours, sell leotards and other apparel and collect a payment when customers are most ready to pay (when they first come in).

Develop Your Sales Plan

This process should be carefully conceived and specific training should be implemented to put it into effect. Providing “Come Running Service” will increase our sales, especially for new customers, lead to more word of mouth advertising and lead to a higher level of customer satisfaction. So get busy and implement a program.

Aggressive Service and Sales Program

Look aggressively for every opportunity to to provide great, beyond their expectations service and make sure to have trained sales people to sign up all the customers that will bring you.

We are available for consultation in developing such a program.


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