Coach’s Gymnastics Meet Duties


  • Directions to meet and hotels.
  • Other meet information.
  • FIG book and rules and policies.
  • Warm-up music.
  • Compulsory music.
  • Back up optional music tapes for each gymnast.
  • Team banner.
  • Emergency numbers.
  • USAG professional membership card and number.
  • Coach’s notebook.
  • Filled out inquiry forms for optional gymnasts – skills, FIG #s, skill values, routine starting value and bonus points.
  • Routine evaluation forms.
  • Team event order.
  • Coaching group or event assignments, if multiple rotations.
  • Bar settings and setting order.
  • Tape and pre-wrap.

When You Get There:

  • Get coach’s meet information packet.
  • Introduce yourself to coaches you don’t know and say hello to coaches you know, especially to coaches in your rotations..
  • Learn coach’s names.
  • Introduce yourself to judges you don’t know and say hello to judges you know.
  • Learn judge’s names.
  • Network.
  • Find out Regulation setting on Bars, beam and vault.
  • Find out which equipment is competition equipment.
  • Get warm-up and competition rotations.
  • Check team scoring rules (3-5 top scores, by level, by age, etc.)
  • Find out where gymnasts may leave belongings.
  • Check sound system and tape readiness.
  • Check springboard availability.
  • Check team’s bar settings individually.
  • Attend coaches meeting.
  • Transmit information to other coaches and gymnasts.


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