Christmas Dream – Our Favorite Email

Subject : Deep appreciation from (Customer’s Name Omitted)

Dear Gymnastics Zone,

I’m the parent who was having difficulties with my PayPal account, so you can imagine my incredible surprise when the two e-Books I was trying to order for my daughter for Christmas were delivered ON CHRISTMAS EVE, even though you had not received payment from me at that time!!

I had accidentally erased the email you sent me with your business address so had not sent a check in payment and just thought the whole deal was lost. I’m glad your mailing address was on the package we received! I’m sending $56.19 to you today by check!!

I can only say that I am one 125% pleased customer and I plan to buy each e-book you have as (Gymnast’s Name Omitted) progresses through the gymnastics levels.

She had a gymnastics clinic today and I told all the other moms about your products and how wonderful you are as a company. I also left a message for the gym owner, asking if I could post something about the e-Books on the bulletin board.

(Gymnast’s Name Omitted) spent most of yesterday poring over the -Books. She loves them! I enjoy them, too, as a parent, because I’m not in the sport and did not know a lot about the requirements. I can now be a better, more supportive parent!

THANK YOU so much for making our Christmas that much more enjoyable!!

Have a WONDERFUL 2004!!!

Very sincerely yours,
(Customer’s Name Omitted)

Okay, so there isn’t really a question here, but this email put such a big smile on my face that I wanted to share it with you.

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