CD Business Cards for Gymnastics Gyms

CD business cards are another one of those technology concepts that have been around for so long that we hesitate to even bring it up, but so few gymnastics businesses use them that we feel obligated to remind gym owners and even gymnastics coaches, about an extremely useful tool. You would think, by now, we would be talking about DVD business cards or Blu-Ray business cards, but no matter. CD business cards can serve an important business marketing and networking function for gymnastics businesses.

Distribute Business Cards for Marketing Your Gym

Business card distribution is a prime inexpensive marketing tool for many gyms and should be a part of the marketing for every gym. Business cards, even CD business cards, produced by a third party, are a great marketing investment.

“Free Lesson” Business Cards

Our favorite business card concept, even more than CD business cards, is a “First Lesson Free” business card. These can be printed inexpensively by the thousands and distributed at any event where your target market – families and children – might attend. Every community in the country has monthly, if not weekly events, where Free Lesson cards could be handed out.

Who Will Distribute the Cards?

There are so many categories of people who could distribute business cards of any type. First, if you have any type of bonus plan for employees signing up new students (and you should), this gives them an excellent tool to do so. Printing up “Free Lesson” business cards for each employee will let you know who was responsible for getting the potential new recruit in the gym, and give them a marketing and networking tool that advertises your business. Gym and team parents, team members, regular class students, teenagers you hire, gym staff or gym sales people all could distribute either regular or CD business cards.

CD Business Cards for Gymnastics Gyms

The reason CD business cards are an advantage is that you can put video on the CD. Not only can you have normal business card data printed on the business card sized CD, but you can put video on the CD. Now we all should know the power of gymnastics and video. The most popular Summer Olympic sport every four years, pictures of all your state-of-the-art gymnastics equipment in use, cute kids doing amazing gymnastics skills, etc., etc. Gymnastics is an activity that just demands showing it on video.

Good Video is a Must

While we have traditionally done all of our own video and video editing, there are companies that will edit and produce your video for you, if you need that done. But there are so many easy-to-use video editing programs out there, including free video editing software for both Mac and Windows. The current Mac video editing software that comes every new Mac computer with the OSX operating software is iMovie. The current video editing software for Windows is Windows Live Movie Maker.

Making a Gym Video is a Fun Project for Everyone in the Gym

Okay, except possibly for the person who actually has to do the video editing, taking and making videos in the gym can really be fun. Most gymnasts will really enjoy being videoed. You can announce video days for each group in the gym, let your gymnasts dress up in their best leotards and gymnastics finery and have fun making a movie.

Or You Can Play Movie Director

Or you can be like me and plan out every shot in the video, cast the participants and do take after take until you are sure you got it right. This takes much of the fun out of the process for the participants but gives you more control and may give you a marginally better video. OK, that was the old me. I would never make that mistake again. Take lots of video of gymnasts having fun in your gym and doing what they enjoy and you will have a hit on your hands.

Produce and Edit Your Video

Establish a theme for your video. The theme might be your mission statement, gym motto (for example, “Rising Stars Gymnastics – Where All Gymnasts Are Stars!”) or another theme you choose. Go for professional staff and coaching, fun classes and with cute gymnasts as the stars. A good music background is a must for this project. Make sure you follow all copyright laws. Again, you can outsource any or all of the production, if necessary.

Get a Good Deal

Pick one of the CD business card companies to buy blank CD business cards and labels from and produce your own or outsource the whole project. Take advantage of any sales or discounts you may find and definitely take advantage of quantity discounts. Produce enough numbers of CD business cards to make the project worthwhile and bring your per CD business card costs down to a reasonable number.

CD Business Cards are Keepers

One of the assets of a CD business card is that people tend to hang onto them and not throw them away as easily as they do other marketing vehicles. You can distribute them exclusively or have regular business cards and CD business cards as well. Don’t forget that CDs like this can be used for team fundraising purposes as well. Produce a team video and distribute business card size fundraising CDs to potential donors.

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