Catnastics Pictures and Captions – lol

Cat Stand

How Do Cats Learn Gymnastics in the First Place? CONFIDENCE

Confidence CatCaptions:
“Confidence Cat”
“Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, Who’s the Cattiest of Them All?”
“I’d Be Lion If I Said I Didn’t Look Good”
“Confidence Kitty”

Tumble Cat

Tumbling CatCaptions:
“Nice Paw Point”
“Feline Full”
“Tiger Cat Tumbling”
“Tumbling Kitty”

Back Stalder Cat

Back Stalder CatCaptions:
“Better known as holding on for dear life”
“I hate conditioning”
“I should have tried this on strap bars first”
“Claws make the best grips”

Cat Headstand

Cat HeadstandCaptions:
“This is messing up my fur”
“Coach Cat told me I shouldn’t try a triple back”
“Where am I?”

Pommel Cat

Pommel CatCaptions:
“Feline Flairs”
“Let’s see human gymnasts do multiple level pommel horse”

Pommel CatThis photo found on was originally shared by FIG on Facebook.
“Kohei can learn a thing or two from me”
“Forget pommel horse. Hello pommel cat.”

Cat Spring

Cat SpringCaptions:
“Catspring step-out”
“She’s like a cat on beam”

Cat Stand

Cat StandCaptions:
“Paw Press handstand”
“I’m just a kitten. Am I suppose to be walking like this?”

Cat Leap

“No, really. I’m a cat, so this is definitely how you do a cat leap”
“You can’t deduct a cat on a cat leap”

Clear Straddle Kitty

Clear Straddle KittyCaptions:
“Sure I can press to a handstand”

Cat Stretch Fever

Cat StretchingCaptions:
“This is how a pro does it”

Bar Cat

Bar CatCaptions:
“I should have used straps”

Stick Your Final Landing

Cat StickCaptions:
“What do you mean I didn’t stick?”

McKayla is Not Impressed with Catty Gymnasts

McKayla is not impressed with catty gymnasts

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Cats Gymnastics logo

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