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Definition: Aerial

Aerial: A gymnastics tumbling skill performed without the hands touching the floor or the apparatus. In other words the skill takes off from one or both feet and lands on the other foot or both feet. Most commonly used to refer to an aerial cartwheel or aerial (front) walkover which can be done on both balance […]

Definition: Adductor Muscles

Adductor Muscles: The pair of adductor muscles on the inside of the thighs pull the legs toward each other.  These are the muscles that must be stretched in order to perform a straddle split. When walking and running, the adductors function as neutralizers to control unwanted side to side action of the legs. When standing, […]

Definition: Adagio

Adagio: Adagio means slow, in ballet and dance it means a slow, sustained movement In music notation, Adagio means “slowly.” In dance and ballet, the word adagio does not refer to the music accompaniment, but to the type of ballet movement being done. In classical ballet classes, there is often an Adagio portion of the […]

Definition: Active Stretching

Active Stretching: An example of this method of active flexibility stretching is doing high kicks with the leg. This is the type of flexibility exercise has more potential for muscle tears and soreness than passive or partner stretching, which is the practice of having a relaxed limb moved beyond its normal range of motion with the […]

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