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Definition: Kaboom

Kaboom: A kaboom is a trampoline skill, where gymnasts land either in essentially a back drop to back somersault or a front drop to front somersault, but perform a delayed tapping/bouncing action with their legs/feet that creates rotation into a somersault(s). Back Kaboom into Attempted Quad Back Somersault George Hery with Basic Front and Back […]

Definition: Melissanidis 2

Melissanidis 2: A Yurchenko vaulting skill in which the gymnast performs a round-off entry onto the vault table and after blocking off the vault table, rotates a double back somersault in pike. It is essentially a triple somersault vault, with a round-off onto the springboard, a “back handspring” onto the vault table and then 2&1/2 […]

Definition: Triple Twisting Yurchenko (with demonstration video)

The triple twisting Yurchenko vault has not yet been performed in International competition (as of April 2012) by a woman. The YouTube channel TheGymSavant has edited two vaults of McKayla Maroney and put them together to show what the vault will look like when it is done. McKayla Maroney Fantasy Triple Twisting Yurchenko

Definition: Tap Swing

Tap Swing: Tap swing refers to hollow-arch-hollow swing gymnasts do in giant swings. The purpose of the tap swing in women’s gymnastics developed from the need to avoid the low bar during giant swings. It has evolved as a way to use bar flexion and quickly changing body position to accelerate the speed and power […]

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