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Handstand Pirouette Complex

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Gymnastics Positive Affirmations Have Progressions, Too

What little gymnastics psychology work takes place, including the use of positive affirmations, is most often completely misunderstood and used incorrectly. Continue reading

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Getting Chosen for Elite Training

Hi Coach, I want to do Elite gymnastics and Hopes but my coach has picked other girls in my level to do Hopes and I am really sad. I am not sure what to do. I also don’t connect with … Continue reading

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Planning Gymnastics Practices

Ask the Coach   I am revisiting my class structure and trying to figure out how to get a quality work out in one or two events, especially bars, but still have time to get some of the other events … Continue reading

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How to Spot (or Not Spot) Tzukahara Vaults

This article refers to a discussion and video on a Coaches’ FaceBook group. The coach was asking for advice an all of the comments from other coaches talked advice regarding the height and positioning of the vault table and mini-tramp. … Continue reading

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Over 100 Benefits of Gymnastics

100 Benefits of Gymnastics Continue reading

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