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Subject: Gymnastics Sex: female Age: 13 Gymnastics Level: 4 Okay, so I used to do gymnastics, but my parents made me quit when I got to level four. I can still do lots of things, but I don’t have any … Continue reading


Gymnasts talk about how to make rips heal faster whether and and how to cover them in the shower. Continue reading

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Gymnast’s hands rip and bleed and the blood gets on their grips. If they don’t want blood on their grips, here are some possible ways to remove the blood. Continue reading

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At some point, most gymnasts have to make a decision about whether they wish to continue in the sport. Here are some things for them to consider. Continue reading

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Some answers to parent’s questions about why there is no school gymnastics program available for their gymnasts. Continue reading


Answers to a question about retrofitting bathrooms in a 22,000 sq. ft. gym, where they host meets. Continue reading

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