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Subject: Pronunciation of Barani

My question is this: what is the correct spelling and pronunciation for a “no handed round off”?


Interesting trivia question. I take it that you are referring to “barani” when you ask this question. The reason that this question comes up is that there are so few books written about gymnastics (or so few people read the old, outdated gymnastics books) and that there is no collection or collage of gymnastics knowledge available.

Almost all gymnastics coaching knowledge information is passed on orally and visually. All American coaches coach either like they have been coached themselves or like they have seen others coach. In many ways that is like a huge game of phone tag where each person in a line hears something and then passes it on down the line to the next person. By the time you get to the end, it sounds nothing like what it was originally.

From my experience and extensive reading:

“Barani” [bah-ran-y] is the traditional, historic method of writing and pronounciation. It is a three syllable word.
Ba = rhymes with La as in Fa, La, La, La, La in the Christmas song.
ran = rhymes with can
i = rhymes with see.

An alternate and equally valid three syllable pronunciation would be
“Barani” [bah-ra-ny] – a barely discernibly different pronunciation pronounciation.
Ba = rhymes with La as in Fa, La, La, La, La in the Christmas song.
ran = rhymes with the “ra” in ran
ni = rhymes with see.

Other sources that authenticate the spelling:
Wikipedia does not list “barani” specifically but uses this spelling in articles. has articles with the spelling “barani”

As a result of the “phone tag” method of learning coaching (and perhaps an indication of a lowered level of spelling emphasis in American education or the rise of texting shortened spellings), you sometime see an alternate spelling of “brani” in articles and materials written by coaches. It is my learned opinion that this is neither a correct spelling or pronunciation.

Other incorrect spellings and pronunciations: branny, branni, brawny, brawni, brandy, brandi

Incidentally, or perhaps importantly, technically “barani” refers to a two-foot punch take-off, two-foot landing aerial skill that . A “no handed round off” would be more accurately called an “aerial barani” which is a hurdle step, one-foot aerial take-off, two foot landing skill.

Hope this helps. Hope I was answering the question you were asking.

For more gymnastics words and spellings, check out our ongoing Gymnastics Glossary project.

Sorry, I couldn’t help including the response below to the original email asking the question:

Wow! This answer was fabulous! My coaching knowledge was passed on verbally, orally and by doing the skills myself (when I was younger). I learned it as “branny”. Funny what the ear hears and what the mind interprets. Thanks so so much – I needed it to be correct for my son’s resume for an audition next weekend. You’re the best Coach!

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