Awesome 3 Year Old Gymnast on the Ellen Show

Emma 3-year-old gymnast



Back Handsprings!

Bar Strength!

Splits and Needle Scale!

Only Six Months of Gymnastics Training

Emma is a 3-year-old gymnast from El Paso, Texas that started her gymnastics career only six months earlier at age 2&1/2.
Emma 3-year-old gymnast

She Can Already Do Back Handsprings

Her favorite gymnastics skill is her back handsprings, which she can do on a trampoline.

Great Gymnastics Attitude

Perhaps her most amazing trait is her attitude where she says she is never scared of falling “because then you get back up.”
3-Year-Old Gymnast - Emma

Gabby Douglas is her Favorite

Her gymnastics idol and favorite gymnast is Gabby Douglas, 2012 Olympic All-Around Champion, because she says “I like her leotard and she won a gold medal at the Olympics.”

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