Another Young Gymnast Helping the World

Gymnast Starts Stuffed-Animal Charity to Benefit Fellow Patients

A Channel 9 News article about Caroline Havard who started an animal charity to benefit fellow patients at a hospital, where she herself had been treated and given a stuffed animal.

Fourth grader and gymnast, Caroline Havard, started a stuffed animal drive at her school to help provide the Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital with enough stuffed animals for them to give to young patients, just like she got when she was a patient there.

It “takes adversity as an opportunity to do something with it instead of having it do something to her.”

“Just a small thing can make a big difference,” said Caroline. “I want to make sure that the Scottish Rite hospital always has stuffed animals to give to sick kids.”

The staff at Scottish Rite hospital are in awe of the number of animals Caroline and her school have collected. They are appreciative of her efforts and her success.

Dr. Megan Young said, “She’s truly an inspiration, and I thank her so much, the generosity is incredible. I think she’s done a great job and I commend her for her work. It’s truly a large and generous gift.”

Caroline joins a list of young athletes that have learned at a young age how to give back. We applaud her efforts and wish to help provide her the recognition she deserves. It would be an amazing world if we all did as much as Caroline. And it would be amazing if we could teach our gymnasts to be like Caroline.


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