An American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars Movie

The Latest Movie Based on the Popular Doll Line

An American Girl: Mckenna Shoots For The Stars, aired on NBC on Saturday, July, 14, 2012 and was released on Blu-ray & DVD on July 3.

Can you say Movie Night at the Gym!

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“An American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars”

“Stick to Your Routine”

Mckenna Shoots for the Stars – A Fan-Made Movie Trailer

McKenna Brooks is a confident, determined young gymnast in this new modern gymnastics adventure and who like every young gymnast has with World championship and Olympic aspirations. She is already currently ready to make the Regionals gymnastics team. But she is suddenly struggling balancing other areas of her life, including having problems keeping up up in school . McKenna’s teacher suggests a private tutor to help her to catch up. But McKenna is embarrassed and she tries her hardest to keep this a secret from her friends.

Then McKenna has a bad fall at the gym, gets injured and needs significant recovery time. For her and many other young gymnasts, an injury seems like the end of her world and her career. It is uncertain whether she will recover in time to compete at Regionals. Nor is it certain that she will catch up on her school work and overcome her problems there. McKenna has to find her way to believing in herself and use help from her friends, teammates, family and coach.

Couch Manning (played by Olympic gymnastics legend and actress, Cathy Rigby) advises McKenna (Jade Pettyjohn) to stick to her gymnastics routine and shoots for the stars. This movie was inspired by the extremely popular American Girl® line of dolls.


Credited Cast:
Kerris Dorsey – Josie
Jade Pettyjohn – McKenna Brooks
Ysa Penarejo – Toulane
Kally Berard – Sierra
George Chiang – Mr. Wu
Will Woytowich – Cowboy Bob
Cathy Rigby – Coach Isabelle

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