A Young Nastia Liukin Competing Level 6

Nastia Liukin – Level 6 All-Around Performance

Even the best International Elite gymnasts had to start at the bottom and work their way up to the Elite level. It is interesting and highly instructive to see phenomenally successful gymnasts competing at a young age. For one, you can see the beginnings of greatness in what they are doing.

It Doesn’t Matter Where You are Now, Just Improve Every Day

But all you gymnasts can also see that even Nastia was not always great at everything or as perfect as she would later become. It is good for young gymnasts to know that wherever they currently are in their gymnastics career, if they can continue to improve and learn new skills daily, they also have an opportunity to reach the top.
Note: You will probably want to watch this in the full screen mode.

NOTE: These Level 6 routines and the compulsory floor music are not the same as the current Level 6 routines, but many of the skill elements are the same.

Doing Compulsory Skills the Way High Level Optionals Do Them

Too many coaches and gymnasts train to the minimum requirements of the compulsories. Nastia does her free hip to a handstand, and casts to a handstand on the high bar, even though it is not required. She does 180 degree leaps on both floor and beam and a 180 split jump on beam, even though they are not required. Essentially, she does all of the skills that she can, to the ideal maximum amplitude, not just the minimum required. That is a lesson all gymnasts and coaches should heed.

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