A Parental View of the Sport of Gymnastics

Everything My Daughter Needs to Know She’s Learned From Gymnastics is a blog post  from the mother of a gymnast, one of whose daughters switched from soccer to gymnastics and the effect her coaches have had on her.

As a former English major, I find it refreshingly rare that any blog about gymnastics would start with a poem written by Charlotte Bronte.

I find cute and endearing the nickname the author has for her gymnast daughter, and the whole article is a testament to what gymnastics and gymnastics coaches should really be doing for their gymnasts, and what most parents really want to see from a gymnastics program.

Not only is the article well written and should be of great interest to every adult in the sport, and perhaps even to older gymnasts, but even many of the comments are of some interest.

Coaches should be checking their coaching philosophy, coaching methods and personal goals to see if they measure up to the coaches in the article.

Gym owners should be checking to see if they have coaches who are doing what these coaches are doing.

Both coaches and gym owners should be doing a self-examination to see if any of their team parents would write a similar article and if not, why not.

The blog is not really about gymnastics, more about being a parent, so it may not be a blog you add to your daily gymnastics reading list, but I certainly am going to check from time to time to see what else she has to say.

So enjoy reading the article at mypajamadays.com.

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