7 Paul Hunt Gymnastics Comedy Routine Videos

Paul Hunt is know worldwide as a gymnastics clown, a male gymnastics coach, who does humorous women’s gymnastics routines on the women’s gymnastics equipment, including balance beam, uneven bars and floor exercise. He has performed at a variety of meets in the US and even on television internationally. He has been seen on ABC’s Wide World of Sports and on America’s Funniest Videos.

“It’s a Man”

Hunt performs his comedy routines wearing a skirted leotards, often with his patented smiley face or some other patch on the seat of his leotard, and usually has a thick mustache.  He is usually announced as Paulina Huntesque, Pauletta Huntenova or some other similar fake female gymnastics-sounding name. His routines have varied somewhat over the years to mimic some of the current gymnasts, gymnastics skills and gymnastics styles.

Hunt’s Gymnastics Academy

Paul Hunt runs Hunt’s Gymnastics Academy in Midvale, Utah, near Salt Lake City.  He has been coaching gymnastics in Utah since 1974.

It Takes a Real Man and Real Gymnast To Make Gymnasts Laugh

Doing the comedy gymnastics routines as he does takes gymnastics talent and experience. Hunt was a competitive men’s gymnast at the University of Illinois.  He won the Big Ten Conference floor exercise championships in both 1971 and medaled in 1973. He was also the USGF 1972 US National Floor Exercise champion.

1988 Paul Hunt Gymnastics Comedy Beam Routine

Paul Hunt performing his comedy balance beam routine at the 1988 USA-USSR exhibition in Los Angeles.

1980 Gymnastics Comedy Floor Routine by Paul Hunt

Paul Hunt performing a comedy floor routine at the 1980 US Gymnastics Championships.

Paul Hunt Comedy Uneven Bar Routine

Paul Hunt performs his comedy routine on uneven bars at the 1981 Nadia Tour at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Paul Hunt Beam and Floor Routines and with Interviews of Him

Another Hilarious Paul Hunt Floor Routine

Paul Hunt FX Comedy Mimicking Some Female Gymnasts

This takes place at the 1981 US Gymnastics Champs and he mimic some of the gymnast skills and styles in the competition.

Paul Hunt Sol 96 Comedy Floor Routine

Hunt’s Gymnastics 2008 Exhibition

The Paul Hunt legacy continues through his gymnasts. Excerpts from a gymnastics show at Hunts Gymnastics Academy.


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