12 is Not Too Old for Gymnastics

Subject: Beginner

Sex: female
Age: 12

Hi I have a lot of question to ask…. I’m 12 and I want to start gymnastics….idk if I’m to old. I used to take gymnastics when I was 3 for a year then I stopped. But I forget everything. I can do push ups and a somersault but that’s pretty much it. Even if I am allowed to take gymnastics should I take a private so the coach could help me. I’m 5’0. I’m pretty much skinny but I fat little bit under my belly button. But I could lose it and tone it up. So please message me back ASAP! I love gymnastics because the sport looks so FUN!

You are not too old to start gymnastics and most gymnastics schools will have programs just for people like you. It doesn’t matter what you skills you can or cannot do right now, because they will teach you everything you need to know in your classes.

I would just sign up for regular gymnastics classes and not take private lessons. Private lessons are usually more for gymnasts who have a specific problem they are trying to fix or a deadline for learning a particular skill. In gymnastics classes they will cover everything you need to work on, so there really is no need for the more expensive private lessons.

It sounds like you have a good body type for gymnastics and they will work you out and get you back in shape. Your height can actually be an advantage in gymnastics.

You are so correct. Gymnastics really is a fun sport. There is something about twisting and flipping that is just naturally fun. Plus it is really good for you and can help get you strong and in really good shape. Gymnastics is one of the few sports that conditions your whole body, so it is excellent for “toning it up.”


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