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Gymnastics Positive Affirmations Have Progressions, Too

What little gymnastics psychology work takes place, including the use of positive affirmations, is most often completely misunderstood and used incorrectly. Continue reading

Getting Chosen for Elite Training

Hi Coach, I want to do Elite gymnastics and Hopes but my coach has picked other girls in my level to do Hopes and I am really sad. I am not sure what to do. I also don’t connect with … Continue reading

Fifth Harmony Rio Olympics Teaser

Fifth Harmony’s New Song/Video Featuring the USA Gymnastics Team “That’s My Girl” Featured in Rio Olympics Spot The first track off of Fifth Harmony’s new second album is “That’s My Girl” and a 30-second teaser track of it, with a … Continue reading

Close Call Spot

Video Headlines = Gymnastics Coach Makes Incredible Save and Best Gymnastics Coach Save There may be some debate about whether the gymnast should have been attempting this skill in a competition as it is obvious the coach anticipated trouble. And … Continue reading

Awesome 3 Year Old Gymnast on the Ellen Show

Adorable! Amazing! Back Handsprings! Bar Strength! Splits and Needle Scale! Only Six Months of Gymnastics Training Emma is a 3-year-old gymnast from El Paso, Texas that started her gymnastics career only six months earlier at age 2&1/2. She Can Already … Continue reading