Unique Gymnastics Internships Available

Wanted - An Intern

Unique Virtual Gymnastics Internship Opportunities Available

(Virtual Internships mean you can work from home, school or anywhere with Internet.)

Types of Gymnastics Internships Available

The 8 Hour Virtual Gymnastics Internship (8 – 10 Hours per Week Average)
Part-Time Virtual Gymnastics Internship (11 – 24 Hours per Week Average)
Full-Time Virtual Gymnastics Internship (25 – 40 Hours per Week Average)
8 Week Gymnastics Internships
10 Week Gymnastics Internships
Virtual Internships (Work from Home, School or Anywhere with Internet)
School Year Virtual Internships
Single Gymnastics Project Internships
Multiple Gymnastics Project Internships
Website IT Internships

Internship Benefits:

Business Training Provided
Guaranteed One Project of Choice Plus Assigned Work
Complete Self-Directed Flex Schedule for Both Hours and Weeks Worked
Choice of Minimum (8-10)/Part-Time (11 – 24) or Full-Time (25 – 40) Work Hours per Week
Articles/Work will be acknowledged/attributed online with byline
Interns Accepted will have Announcement Article Posted Online
All Intern Positions are Volunteer Positions although gifts/grants may be made after work is completed/evaluated
There is No Minimum Age Requirement for Internship Positions
Internships May (or May Not) Lead to Paid Positions or even Partnerships
FREE Products/Memberships including Prototype Products in Development
Any and All School Intern Program Requirements will be Met
Letter of Recommendation/References Provided
Board of Directors Membership Position (Advisory, Non-Voting)

Internship Requirements

Minimum Commitment of Hours: 8 – 10 Hours per Week Average
Work Daily and/or Scheduled
Weekly Work/Progress Reporting
Undergo Training
Hypnosis Product Testing/Checking
Work Assignments/Hours Commitments Expected to be Met
All Submissions of Work Must Be Moderated/Approved by Corporate Before Publication
Weekly Work/Progress Reporting Required
Signed Non-Compete Agreement
Signed Proprietary Rights Agreement
Acknowledgement of/State At-Will Status
Acknowledgement of Corporate Virtual Corporation No Employee Policy

How To Apply

Application Process:

Application Form Required
Resume and Resume Format Optional
Phone Interview

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Sample Gymnastics Work Product/Projects:


Landing Page Article Research/1st Draft Writing/Editing
Marketing Plan Implementation Work
Product Marketing Work Daily and/or Scheduled
Product Concepts/Naming/Idea Input
Twitter Picture Quote Research and Design

Research and Creative Writing

Celebrity Research/Writing
Historical Research/Writing
Creative Research
Gymnastics Definitions Project
Gymnastics History Project
Article Research/1st Draft Writing/Editing
Fictional Story Writing for on Website
Viral Article Construction
Former Gymnastics Olympians Project
Famous Gymnastics Olympians Project

Graphic Design

WordPress Page Designs
2016 Olympic Gymnasts Project
Elite Skill Video Project
Compulsory Level Video Collection
Compulsory Level Video Editing
Optional Level Video Collection
Optional Level Video Editing
3D Object Design
Free Photo/Picture Collection (from Source List)
Photo Editing

Video Research/Downloading/Uploading

Social Media Work/Management:



Refund Tracking
Comment Moderating/Handling
Website Email Handling/Communication Management


Audio/Video Transcribing
Free Video Research and Collection (FaceBook, YouTube, Vimeo)

IT Work (Must Already be Knowledgeable and/or Experienced)

SEO Work
Database Projects:
Gym Management Database

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