This is How Effective Most Gymnastics Strength Training Programs Are

Trainwreck Training – How Not to Strength Train Abs

“Oh, I meant to do that. I was training my stalder position.”

What Are the Most Common Gymnastics Strength Program Errors?

  • Doing Exactly the Same Strength Training Every Day
  • Thinking the TOP’s Testing Program is a Strength Training Program
  • Mistaking Endurance Training Exercises for Strength Training
  • Using the Same Strength Training for Every Gymnast
  • Not Testing and Tracking Strength Results
  • Not Investing in Strength Training Equipment
  • Not Strength Training on a Regular Planned Training Schedule
  • Doing Strength Training Too Close to Major Meets
  • Overtraining by Doing 3 -4 Hours of Training in One Day
  • Risking Increased Injury Rates By Doing Exhaustive Training at the Beginning of Gymnastics Practice
  • Not Doing Weight Training to Prevent Ligament and Tendon Injuries
  • Not Understanding the Difference Between Pre and Post Puberty Strength Training
  • Not Doing Different Training for Different Body Types
  • Not Allowing Sufficient Rest and Recovery Time to Build Strength


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