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Compulsory Gymnastics Training

Compulsory gymnastics competition, sometimes called outside of the United States – mandatory competition, is a set of defined event routines that all gymnasts at that particular level are required to perform. The routines are the same for everyone at that level on every event. Worse, the music for the floor routine is also the same. […]

Should I Watch My Children in the Gym?

There is the question of whether parents should watch their children practice or not. At the preschool and lower levels, the short class time and lack of other nearby adult activities results in a naturally higher percentage of parental viewers. This percentage decreased to near zero at the upper team level. But what is the […]

Is There a Problem with Your Gymnast?

For a number of reasons, many parents have difficulty approaching their child’s gymnastics coach. One of the main reasons is that it is an extremely rare parent who understands enough about the sport to have any opinion at all. Gymnastics is a complicated sport with obscure and ever changing rules that even coaches have trouble […]

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