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Gymnastic Warmups for Gymnasts

There are a number of reasons to warm-up before workouts. The primary reason to warm-up that everyone agrees upon is to warm-up your body and muscles, i.e. to raise your body temperature. Pre-Stretch Your Body and Muscles Gymnastic warm-ups can pre-stretch the muscles to prepare them for any potential purposeful or accidental stretching of the […]

Kim Bird - Gymnastics Coach and Choreographer

In Memoriam: Kim Bird

Gymnastics coach and choreographer, Kim Bird passed away Monday evening, November 19, 2007, after battling complications from Valley fever. Kim was the founder of Tumbleweeds Gymnastics and well known, well-loved and well-respected throughout the gymnastics community. Tumbleweeds Gymnastics was founded by Kim in November 1990. The gym and team program grew steadily under his leadership. […]

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