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Definition: McCool

McCool: A balance beam mount named after U.S. gymnast, Courtney McCool, who first performed the skill in international competition in 2004. The beam mount approaches toward the end of the beam and is a flyspring forward with flight before and after the hand support on the beam and lands on both feet – approach at […]

Definition: Henrich

Henrich: A balance beam skill named after U.S. gymnast Christy Henrich. The skill consists of a stag-split, split leap or jump forward with ½ turn, landing on both feet or in a one-two step-out. It can also refer to a split jump in side position with bending of rear leg backward upward that starts from […]

Definition: Healy

Healy: A common maneuver on the parallel bars and now on uneven bars, high bar, beam and floor where a gymnast starts in a handstand and then falls forward, lifts one arm and executing a full-turn. On the P-bars, a gymnast re-catches the bar in a support position and usually continues swinging to a handstand. […]

Definition: Garrison

Garrison: A floor exercise skill named after U. S. gymnast Kelly Garrison.  It consists of a cat leap forward with bent legs and 1 ½ turn.  It has been rated by the FIG as C level skill and its FIG number is 1.314. Garrison: A balance beam skill named after U. S. gymnast Kelly Garrison.  […]

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