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Gymnastics Camp Sunset

Gymnastics Camp Sunset
This article lists all the top gymnastics summer camps in the country and their web sites. Read Choosing a Gymnastics Summer Camp to learn how to choose the right gymnastics summer camp and what to bring.

GymnasticsZone’s 2015 Top 2 Gymnastics Summer Camp Recommendations

NOTE: Please verify all prices. We make every attempt to keep information up to date, but be aware that prices may have changed.

Elite Gymnastics Summer Camps

Camp City, State Notes
Carters Gymnastics Mesa, Arizona
John Geddart’s Twistars Gymnastics Dimondale, Michigan Camp during Jordyn Wieber’s Olympic preparation
WOGA Plano, Texas
Byers Gymnastics Elk Grove, California
Cincinnati Gymnastics Cincinnati, Ohio
Hills Gymnastics Gaithersburg, Maryland
Olympia Gymnastics Camp Roswell, Georgia Run by Svetlana Boguinskaia
Spartanburg, South Carolina
Pasadena, Texas
Waldorf, Maryland
St Louis, Missouri
Batesville, Indiana
Tampa, Florida
AOGC Los Angeles, California Day Camp $285
Sharp’s Attack Camp Indianapolis, Indiana Day Camp $299
Excalibur Gymnastics Virginia Beach, Virginia Day Camp $220
Naperville Gymnastics Club Naperville, Illinois
Chicago Style Gymnastics Westmont, Illinois

Commercial Gymnastics Summer Camps

Camp City, State Notes
Woodward Gymnastics Camps Woodward, Pennsylvania $725 – $945 per week
Exceptional extra-curricular camp activities.
A long history of visits by Olympic, World Championship and National team members and coaches.
Extreme Sport Social Environment. Parents may not want their young daughters around older males and the extreme sports lifestyle. I stopped taking my girls to Woodward after the first year they added extreme sports.
Tehachapi, California
International Gymnastics Camp Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania $870 – $970
There is a history of attendance by international teams at this camp.
Flipfest Camp Crossville, Tennessee $595 – $725
Run by two Olympians John Roethlisberger and John Macready.
Limited spaces.
Karolyis Gymnastics Summer Camp Huntsville, Texas $445
For Potential National Team Members, the opportunity to go to the National Training Center and potentially attract the attention of Marta Karolyi could help a gymnast’s career.
US Gymnastics Camps South Hadley, Massachusetts This is a smaller, more personal commercial camp, held at the Mount Holyoke College gymnastics facility. All new equipment and mats every year. 5 classes and 2 open workouts per day.
Resident $1,125 (1 Session)
Resident $2,300 (2 Sessions)
Day Camp $675

College Gymnastics Summer Camps

Camp City, State Notes
University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas Resident $495
Commuter $375
University of California Berkeley Berkeley, California Day Camp $265
UCLA Los Angeles, California Resident $550 (must be 9 years old)
Day Camp $450
Stanford University Stanford, California Day Camp $490
Air Force Academy Colorado Springs, Colorado Resident $575
Day Camp $375
Denver. University Denver,. Colorado Resident $525
Day Camp $275
University. of. Florida Gainesville,. Florida Resident $670
Day Camp $645
University. of. Georgia Athens,. Georgia Resident $650
Day Camp $550
Illinois. State Normal. Illinois Resident $395
Day Camp $295
University of. Illinois
Womens. Gymnastic. Camp
Mens’ Gymnastic. Camp
Springfield, Illinois Resident $485
Day Camp $360
University of Illinois, Chicago Chicago, Illinois Resident $530
Day Camp $400
Iowa State University Ames, Iowa Resident $500
Day Camp $400
University of Iowa
Womens’ Gymnastic Camp
Mens’ Gymnastic Camp
Iowa City, Iowa Resident $470
Day Camp $355
LSU Baton Rouge, Louisiana Resident $540
Day Camp $370
Towson University Towson, Maryland Day Camp $320
Springfield College Springfield, Massachusetts Half Day Camp $128
University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan Resident (Women) $535
Day Camp (Women) $425
Resident (Men) $595
Day Camp (Men) $495
Michigan State University East Lansing, Michigan Resident $525
Day Camp $425
Central Michigan University Mount Pleasant, Michigan Resident $385
Day Camp $290
University of Minnesota Minneapolis Minnesota Resident $495
Day Camp $395
Hamline University St. Paul, Minnesota Resident $490
Day Camp $365
Universityof Missouri Columbia, Missouri Resident $500
Day Camp $475
University of Nebraska Lincoln, Nebraska Resident $510
Day Camp $410
University of New Hampshire Durham, New Hampshire Day Camp $300
Rutgers University New Brunswick, New Jersey Day Camp $400
NC State Raleigh, North Carolina Resident $520
Day Camp $445
Kent State Kent, Ohio Resident $480
Day Camp $380
Ohio State Columbus, Ohio Resident $495
Day Camp $395
University of Oklahoma Norman, Oklahoma Resident $550
Day Camp $350
Oregon State University Corvallis, Oregon Resident $550
Day Camp $450
Texas Women’s University Denton, Texas Resident $445
Day Camp $365
University of Utah Salt Lake City, Utah Resident $450
Day Camp $325
Utah State Logan, Utah Resident $440
Day Camp $330
Penn State University
Womens’ Gymnastic Camp
Mens’ Gymnastic Camp
University Park, Pennsylvania
Rhode Island. College Providence, Rhode. Island Half Day Camp $130
University of Washington Bothell, Washington Day Camp $$350
West Virginia University Morgantown, West Virginia Resident $445
Day Camp $365
University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, Wisconsin Resident $400
Day Camp $195
University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh Oshkosh, Wisconsin Resident $400
Day Camp $260
University of Wisconsin – Stout Menomonie, Wisconsin Resident $370
Day Camp $270
University of Wisconsin – Whitewater Whitewater, Wisconsin Resident $445
Day Camp $425

GymnasticsZone’s 2015 Top 2 Gymnastics Summer Camp Recommendations

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11 Responses to “Gymnastics Summer Camp Directory”

  1. Ginger April 5, 2011 at 6:36 pm #

    Thanks for this comprehensive list. There are also many traditional camps who offer fantastic gymnastics programs as one of their program options. I know some camps who have college coaches run their programs in the summer so these may be worth looking into for the right kind of girl as well.

    • Coach Howard April 6, 2011 at 11:51 am #

      Ginger, Thanks for your comment.

      The primary problem I usually have with traditional summer camp programs is not the coaching, which as you say could be a great college coach or college gymnast, but the quality and lack of availability of the kinds of specialized gymnastics equipment competition gymnasts are used to, particularly in-ground gymnastics safety pits. Most traditional camps have inferior gymnastics equipment. Even the best coach is somewhat hamstrung by lack of the best equipment.

      Still, you make a good point and a good coach can definitely do some good things if they have even acceptable, safe equipment. We will definitely make an effort to identify good gymnastics programs in traditional summer camps. They could definitely be an option for girls who want to go to a traditional camp, but don’t want to totally stop their gymnastics training.

      If you know of any good traditional camps that have good programs, coaching and/or equipment, let me know.

  2. Zerger Sacks November 20, 2011 at 2:00 am #

    My brother suggested I would possibly like this web site. He turned out to be totally right. This article truly made my day. You can not imagine just how so much time I had spent looking for this information! Thanks!

  3. Gymnastics & More March 2, 2012 at 6:57 am #

    18th Annual Beach Break Competitive Gymnastics Camp
    in July at the beach!

    • Gymnastics Zone March 6, 2012 at 2:39 pm #

      Danny Warbutton, former owner of Gym Dandy’s in PA, we know is an excellent coach and we are a Maddy Curley (Stick It) fan. With them both at this camp, it is sure to be a fun and worthwhile experience. We also have great memories of gymnastics on the beach. There is far too little of that anymore. A great camp concept that we must also recommend this camp, for all the above reasons (Elite coach, movie star and the beach!).

  4. Sarah-Jane Carter September 16, 2013 at 5:32 am #

    Hi, I live in Lexington, KY. The University of Kentucky offers a camp like this. I was wondering why it was not listed under University Camps.

    • Gymnastics Zone September 16, 2013 at 8:41 am #

      If you check the University of Kentucky website right now, you will not find a gymnastics summer camp web page listed. The University evidently deletes their summer camp pages every year after the summer (which is very poor website policy and management, by the way, since it orphans any links from websites like mine). When they do so, it creates an error on my website for a link that does not exist and to fix that error (which can affect my search engine rankings), I must delete that link, which I have done. Now before every summer, I do review my popular summer camps page, but the UK website practice of deleting the page every year puts it so far down on any search engine listing that it makes it difficult to impossible to find. And truthfully, I do not keep a list of the universities that have poor website management policies, nor do I assume that gymnastics camp programs that have such poor website management also have poor camps. But I am too busy to track down every year and re-list university summer camp programs that are not producing National level programs and also have poor website management problems.

      You might be better served contacting the UK gymnastics, and indeed the entire UK athletic department web manager, since UK deletes almost all of their athletic camp pages (all but one right now at this very moment), and tell them about good web page management. Deleting their camp pages has two effects. First, it creates the kind of link and link policy problems I just talked about and makes it hardly worthwhile for sites to link to their camps, because it makes more work every single year for us. Second, it also probably tanks their own gymnastics summer camp search engine rankings in relation to other similar summer gymnastics camps and other university summer gymnastics camps in the region. Third, if parents look at the UK gymnastics website, for much of the year, there is no indication that there even is an annual summer gymnastics camp. Even if complete details are not yet available for the next year, keeping the summer camp page up with a note that information for the next summer will be available at a later time, lets parents know that UK is a gymnastics summer camp option.

      Please not that I have no animus against the UK Gymnastics program. We, in the gymnastics community, fully support any and all colleges and universities that have gymnastics programs, for either men or women. I have now started to make a list of all university programs that delete their gymnastics summer camp pages (UK is not the only one) and I will attempt to update more accurately every year. But big budget university athletic departments should hire better web managers, who know how to preserve “link juice” and continuity for their summer camp programs, instead of making us do their work for them.

  5. Emily Harrington October 19, 2014 at 11:22 am #

    Do you know of any 1 week gymnastics sleep away camps in Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut or New Jersey.

    • Gymnastics Zone March 1, 2015 at 10:14 pm #

      Woodward and International Camps. listed in the commercial summer camps are both in Pennsylvania.


  1. Summer Camps | Lakeshore Gymnastics' Blog - April 12, 2011

    Summer Camps

    Parents ask me every year if they should look into sending their gymnast to a summer camp program. I always have the same answer; yes, if chosen correctly. Some summer camp programs do a fantastic job of teaching new skills to gymnasts, especially when at the level 5-7. The gymnasts have many means of equipment to learn giants, back handsprings on beam, flyaways, etc. However, my skepticism stems from how much training they actually receive. Camps that allow gymnasts to choose how often they train, I personally would avoid. Most gymnasts only will attend their required workouts of 2.5 hours a day. For five days that is only 12.5 hours a week. That’s like paying $72.00 an hour!!! I want the gymnasts to have fun during summer camp, but I want them to go to camp with realistic goals and know what they want to obtain before they arrive at camp. So with that in mind, I am sharing a link to a listing of summer camps.

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