High Tech, High Performance Optional Gymnastics Coaching Clinic

The Basics – We have been to virtually every type of coaching clinic over the last 25 years and all the basic information, that we have found useful, is already in our clinic. That is also why we know that what we are offering below is above and beyond normal coaches training.


We pride ourselves on doing excellent work and our clients agree.

Testimonial from Valentina and Mitch Gaylord, 1980 Olympic Gold Medalist:

“Valentina and I highly recommend the services of Gymnastics Zone. John far exceeded our expectations in every way with his incredible attention to detail, research capability, and overall expertise in all things Gymnastics. We found John to be incredibly thorough, creative, and wonderful to work with. If you’re looking for the best when it comes to professional gym design and gymnastics information, look no further than Gymnastics Zone!” — Valentina & Mitch Gaylord

Top 12 Reasons Our High Performance Optional Coaching Clinic Kills

1. Organized Organization – We present and train coaches in the most organized written gymnastics training system ever devised. Every one of the thousands of skills, every progression on every event and in every event sub-category and every related aspect of gymnastics training, like flexibility training and strength training, is included in the program.

2. Training for Originality – The coaching program we offer is not some cookie-cutter training program that produces gymnasts all doing the same skills, and routines so similar everyone is bored. The program’s training is designed to produce gymnastics with unique and unique routines that match their skills and personality to a T.

3. Professionalism – Anyone who has gone to a typical gymnastics meet, need only look around at the coaches at the meet, to understand that professionalism is not a trait that would normally be attributed far too many gymnastics coaches. Our coaches training program is designed to train gymnastics coaches to be professional in terms of the gymnastics business, coaching and in implementing the training program.

4. Operant Conditioning Coaching Training – Operant conditioning is one of the most thoroughly researched and success-proven systems of training and directly influencing gymnasts’ subconscious minds, which control all of their physical activity, including the performance of gymnastics skills and routines.

5. 100% Positive Coaching Program – This is not some fake compliments type training system. We teach coaches the psychological training program that sport science has shown to be the most efficient and effective training system available.

6. Computerized Skill Tracking Program – We are offering an online computerized skill tracking program for team gymnasts and train coaches how to utilize computer skill tracking to maximum advantage.

7. Universal Team Training Program – We teach coaches how to train every gymnast who wants to be on team to be a high level optional gymnast. Every gymnast who stays with the program can and will become an optional gymnast and perform at a high level.

8. Offer and Market an Equal Opportunity Team – Every coach is familiar with how parents always believe that coaches have their favorites (who for some reason are never their gymnast). The team training program we teach to coaches considers every gymnast as a potential Elite/high level optional gymnast and trains all the gymnasts in the program to be high level optional gymnasts, no matter what level they are.

9. Zero Injury Tolerance Training – Our complete and comprehensive gymnastics skills training and coaches training program teaches coaches how to eliminate or minimize any possibility of injury. We understand that many coaches just assume and expect injuries to occur. As with most expectations for gymnasts, what is expected is most likely to occur.

10. Gymnastics Visual Training Programs – The power of visual training, in a visual sport like gymnastics, is extremely powerful. We offer coaches training in multiple visual gymnastics training programs for their gymnasts.

11. Gymnastics Meet Confidence Mental Training Program – We offer a psychological mental training program to significantly increase gymnast’s confidence in competition and enhance their performance. Gymnasts are trained to not only be confident, but to put on a real show when they compete.

12. Sport Psychology and Mental Training Program – We can offer mental and sport psychology training for both gymnasts and coaches and explain and demonstrate to coaches the effectiveness of this approach. Virtually every trait that gymnasts require to become successful high level competitive optional gymnasts, including qualities like mental toughness, drive and determination, can be instilled in gymnasts with this program. We teach coaches how effective the program can be, and how to implement it and integrate it into their training and gymnast’s lives.

High Tech, High Performance Optional Gymnastics Coaching Clinic

with Gymnastics Zone creator e-Book author, John Howard

$1000.00 per day — plus expenses
$1800.00 for a weekend (2 days) — plus expenses
$2700.00 for a weekend (3 days) — plus expenses
$4000.00 per week (5 days) — plus expenses
including Training Materials CDs
50% Deposit Required and Expenses must be paid up-front.
Subject to scheduling.

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