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Why Choose GymnasticsZone to Design Your Gym?

We literally wrote the book on gymnastics gym design. We are the only gym design service to have written an entire book about gymnastics gym design. Some other gymnastics consultants and designers even use our concepts and our book when they do their gym design consulting.

Do You Know Over 700 Gymnastics Training Stations and Pieces of Equipment to Put in Your Gym?

We have a list of 100 different vaulting stations, almost 200 different bar stations, 100 different beam stations, almost 200 tumbling stations and almost 100 men’s gymnastics stations and pieces of equipment. Our gym design information and equipment choice lists (with over 400 gymnastics training stations and pieces of equipment to choose from) are included in every gym design package. We always provide gym design information and design consulting as a part of every gym design project we do.

More Gym Design Possibilities

Our gym design service provides more different gym layout possibilities, depending on the type of gym, coaching styles, gym size, and financial constraints. We can design gyms by equipment areas, program areas, assembly line coaching style, skill progression, profitability, programmed customer experience, gym size, single or multiple pits, shared or dedicated equipment and mat use, possible future expansion or any combination of those.


We pride ourselves on doing excellent work and our clients agree.

Our gym equipment designs are carefully balanced to match gym attendance, peak levels, event training requirements and program levels. Without a balanced gym design you can spend too much money on the wrong equipment and have gaps in your training.

Build Gym Loyalty Early with Exceptional Preschool Gym Area Design

We have over 500 pieces of preschool equipment and stations for you to choose from in the 8 separate areas just within the preschool general area. We are known for providing significantly more creative and innovative preschool area designs than other gym design services. Most preschool areas are simply a collection of the gym mat shapes that equipment companies sell. Our preschool gym area designs also incorporate appropriate child development stations and custom built equipment.

Neutral Gym Designer Means Savings for you

Gym design services, that also sell equipment, are interested in designing gyms using their own products. We are the only gym design service we know of that maintains a complete database of all of the useful gymnastics training products from all gymnastics equipment companies. We recommend the best and/or the most economical training equipment from a wide variety of companies, which will provides your gymnasts with practice experience on AAI competition equipment and, yet, the best possible pricing on training equipment.

Experts in Small and Large Gym Design

While we are experts in small gym design (fitting the most equipment safely into smaller buildings), we are highly suited providing large gym projects with something other than the typical gym designs. Traditional large gym designs look just like smaller gyms with more equipment. When we design large and medium gyms, we provide the only gym design service that designs the building specifically for maximum teaching efficiency.

Custom Safety Design

Every gym designer we know designs gyms for safety, and we use our long term zero serious injury coaching record and experience to maximize safe gym design. We do have a few custom safety design features that are better than the common and traditional gym designs currently offered.

Complete 2D and 3D Gym Design Packages

We use a Computer Aided Design (CAD) program to produce our finished gym design projects, which include both 2D gym equipment layout floor plan, color 3D floorplan, 3D layout pictures, separate equipment installation 2D layout design (without matting or movable equipment), complete equipment lists (including one sorted by equipment for getting equipment bids and the other sorted by equipment company). We include directions for your contractor on how to build your gymnastics safety pits and we can design your gym to have two or more equipment purchases by priority so you can equip your gym and then fill in equipment later as needed or as your budget allows.

Gyms Designed for Gym Owners, Coaches, Gymnasts and Parents

GymnasticsZone plans and designs you a building that fits your exact program needs, staff, customers and budget. Using GymnasticsZone for your gym design gives you an experienced team member skilled, not only in gym design, but in gymnastics coaching and gymnastics management.

Gyms Designed for Your Unique Situation

Gymnastics facility design will vary depending on the use. Recreational gyms, competitive gymnastics training facilities, high school and college gymnastic facilities all have their unique and different gymnastics design and equipment layouts. Equipment areas, office and support areas, customer services, gymnastic floor, pits, mats, gymnastic building requirements, ceiling heights, etc. all vary from project to project.

Complete Gym Design Consulting and Services

When planning a new facility, GymnasticsZone can provide initial consultation services, gym profitability planning, gymnastic and multi-purpose facility construction concepts, design services, gym equipment layout design and support services design. Please note: We are not architects and do not provide architectural drawings for zoning or other purposes.

For New or Existing Facilities

GymnasticsZone can plan your new facility in a new engineered steel building, provide a new design for your current facility or design for any existing building. We understand that every gym design project is different and that your requirements for gymnastic facility design are completely unique.

Gyms Designed for Profitability

Using an experienced gymnastic facility consultant and gym designer, like Gymnastics Zone, in the early stages of planning of your facility will positively impact the style, design and profitability of your gymnastic or multipurpose gym facility. Proper planning and design can positively affect gymnastics facility construction costs, profitability, future utility costs, the design of efficient non-gym areas, and the overall construction cost and the building schedule for any gymnastics facility, multipurpose sport facility or gym. We design to maximize sales per square foot and minimize cost per square foot.

Gyms Designed for Style

We typically design gyms to match the coaching, technical and artistic style of the gym owner and head coach. The gym can be as personalized and stylistic as you and your budget have room for. Build a gym that you absolutely know will be the best facility of your size in the area.

Standard Gym Design Pricing Packages:

Small Gym (under 8,000 sq. ft.) – $777.00
Medium Gym (8,000 sq. ft. to under 16,000 sq. ft.) – $1177.00
Large Gym (16,000 sq. ft. to 25,000 sq. ft.) – $1577.00

Contact us for prices for larger gyms, special custom projects or designs with extra design difficulties.

Custom projects, retro-fit projects, multi-sport facilities and larger gyms – Contact us for pricing.

Standard Gym Design Pricing Packages:


Small Gym (under 8,000 sq. ft.) – $777.00

50% Deposit ($388.50) to Begin Design:


Medium Gym (8,000 sq. ft. to under 16,000 sq. ft.) – $1177.00

50% Deposit (588.50) to Begin Design:


Large Gym (16,000 sq. ft. to 25,000 sq. ft.) – $1577.00

50% Deposit ($788.50) to Begin Design


Custom or retro-fit projects, multi-sport facilities and larger gyms – Contact us for pricing.

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