Catnastics Pictures and Captions – lol

Cat Stand

How Do Cats Learn Gymnastics in the First Place? CONFIDENCE

Confidence CatCaptions:
“Confidence Cat”
“Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, Who’s the Cattiest of Them All?”
“I’d Be Lion If I Said I Didn’t Look Good”
“Confidence Kitty”

Tumble Cat

Tumbling CatCaptions:
“Nice Paw Point”
“Feline Full”
“Tiger Cat Tumbling”
“Tumbling Kitty”

Back Stalder Cat

Back Stalder CatCaptions:
“Better known as holding on for dear life”
“I hate conditioning”
“I should have tried this on strap bars first”
“Claws make the best grips”

Cat Headstand

Cat HeadstandCaptions:
“This is messing up my fur”
“Coach Cat told me I shouldn’t try a triple back”
“Where am I?”

Pommel Cat

Pommel CatCaptions:
“Feline Flairs”
“Let’s see human gymnasts do multiple level pommel horse”

Pommel CatThis photo found on was originally shared by FIG on Facebook.
“Kohei can learn a thing or two from me”
“Forget pommel horse. Hello pommel cat.”

Cat Spring

Cat SpringCaptions:
“Catspring step-out”
“She’s like a cat on beam”

Cat Stand

Cat StandCaptions:
“Paw Press handstand”
“I’m just a kitten. Am I suppose to be walking like this?”

Cat Leap

“No, really. I’m a cat, so this is definitely how you do a cat leap”
“You can’t deduct a cat on a cat leap”

Clear Straddle Kitty

Clear Straddle KittyCaptions:
“Sure I can press to a handstand”

Cat Stretch Fever

Cat StretchingCaptions:
“This is how a pro does it”

Bar Cat

Bar CatCaptions:
“I should have used straps”

Stick Your Final Landing

Cat StickCaptions:
“What do you mean I didn’t stick?”

McKayla is Not Impressed with Catty Gymnasts

McKayla is not impressed with catty gymnasts

©Debbie Glovatsky –

Cats Gymnastics logo

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3 Responses to “Catnastics Pictures and Captions – lol”

  1. izzy September 28, 2012 at 1:08 pm #

    These pictures are soo cute!!!! My cat has done a back tuck!

    • Gymnastics Zone September 28, 2012 at 5:15 pm #

      You should get video of that. I have seen dogs do back flips on command, but never seen a cat do one on purpose.

      • izzy September 29, 2012 at 6:21 am #

        I picked my cat up and then flipped him he was still purring. He does forward rolls by himself. My cat is crazy and dogs too. My dog lets my cat pretend to bite him:):)

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