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Definition: Triple Double

Definition: Triple Double – This term refers to a triple twisting double somersault skill. It can be done as a tumbling pass or a bar dismount. Kohei Uchimura Triple Twisting Double Layout High Bar Dismount Kohei Uchimura Triple Twisting Double Back Triple Twisting Double Open off Tumble Trac

Definition: Double Twisting Kasamatsu

Double Twisting Kasamatsu – The official FIG definition for the vault is it is a Kasamatsu straight with 2/1 twists and named by the FIG as the Lopez. The vault is a 1/4-1/4 entry vault into a somersault with an additional 2 twists done in a layout position (looks very much like a triple twist). […]

Definition: Shushunova

Shushunova: Elena Shushunova is a former Soviet, Russian gymnast who was a European, World and Olympic Champion. Shushunova was the first to perform several unique and difficult skills, named after her including her signature Shushunova (a straddle jump to land in a front lying support) on floor exercise, a release on the unevens (back giant […]

Definition: Def

Def: This is an uneven bars release move that is essentially full twisting Gienger, which makes it a back 1&1/2 twisting somersault release move. The originator of the skill was French gymnast, Jacques Def. In women’s gymnastics, Snejana Hristakieva was the first gymnast to do the skill in 1992. Even in women’s gymnastics, though, this […]

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