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Team Coaches Meetings

Team Coaches Meetings

Communication is the single most important factor in developing a successful gymnastics team. Coaches are teachers who must communicate to gymnasts just what they need to do to reach their personal and the team’s goals. But another extremely important task for true gymnastics professionals is for all of the team coaches to communicate. In many gyms, regular team coaches meetings simply do not happen. In every other professional sport, however, regular, if not daily, coaches meetings are the standard.

Why Team Coaches Meetings Every Day?

Professional coaches have multi-year goals and plans, annual training plans and usually a tremendous amount of coaching experience upon which to draw. But to produce Elite gymnasts and successful professional athletes, course corrections to those goals and plans must be made to adjust to the success or lack of it. Daily coaches meetings are an important tool in every professional coach’s toolbox to evaluate practices and to make whatever changes are needed to optimize future practices to be maximally prepared for competitions. Unless coaches are willing to waste practices, obtaining less than the optimal improvement, then every practice needs to be evaluated and the longer-term plans modified, adjusted and optimized.

Team Coaches Meetings Schedule

Ideally, coaches would be meeting twice daily on a regular basis. A meeting before practice to get everyone on the same page, go over goals for the day for each gymnast on every event, discuss strategies, sort out rotations and in general, do everything possible to make sure the practice is productive for every gymnast. After practice is the best time to evaluate what just went on in practice, decide what worked and what did not, watch video, get input from coaches and plan the most effective and productive practice for the next day.

Head Coaches Meeting Responsibilities

After the post-practice coaches meeting, the head coach, with input from all the coaching staff, will most likely be the one to put together the plan for practice the next day, including any changes to the goals and already established training plan. Truly successful coaches are adaptable and able to modify their training plans to maximize progress and success. And a professional head coach meets with his coaching staff daily to get the most out of them, so they can get the most out of the gymnasts.

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